Podcast: Church in North Africa: Cyprian Part 2 (5)

In this podcast we look at the contributions of St. Cyprian of Carthage of Catholic ecclesiology, his role in the rebaptism controversy with Pope St. Stephen, and the details of his martyrdom as recorded by the deacon Pontus. Run time: 34:50.



Podcast: Church in North Africa: Cyprian Part 1 (4)

Baptized in AD 246 and ordained bishop only two years later, St. Cyprian of Carthage ascends to the most important episcopal chair of North Africa just as the Church enters into a tremendous period of persecution and crisis. How St. Cyprian's leadership preserved the integrity of the Faith in those troubled years. Run time: 17:05


Podcast: Church in North Africa: Decius (3)

The tranquility of the North African Church is broken by the brutal persecution of Decius, c. 251. Though the persecution is brief, schism and discord will follow in its wake. Run time: 18:08


Podcast: Church in North Africa: Tertullian (2)

Part two in our series of podcasts on the Church in ancient North Africa, this time focusing on the life and thought of the first Latin father, Tertullian (c. 195-220 AD). Run time 28:03.


Podcast: Church in North Africa (1)

First in a series of podcasts on the history of the Early North African Church from the founding of Christianity to the sixth century. In this episode, Boniface explains the pre-Christian history of North Africa, its geography, and the origin and development of the Catholic Church there until the mid 3rd century AD. Run time: 17:14.