Who we are

A message from Boniface, founder and webmaster of Unam Sanctam Catholicam...

On behalf of all the contributors to this website and all Catholic lovers of Tradition world wide, welcome to Unam Sanctam Catholicam! This website is part of a lay apostolate dedicated to fostering respect and understanding of the sacred traditions of the Catholic Church. We believe that the modern crisis of identity within the Catholic Church can only be resolved by a wholehearted return to the traditional beliefs and practices of the historic Catholic Church and an approach to current problems in the world and Church in continuity with Catholic Tradition.

The Origin of Unam Sanctam Catholicam

This site traces its origin back to the waning days of John Paul II's papacy, to 2004 when, as a college student disgruntled with the apparent lack of appreciation for the Church's liturgical and spiritual traditions in the United States, I registered and started a blog called Unam Sanctam Catholicam and took my grievances to the Internet. This original blog was on the now obsolete blogger platform was probably one of the first Traditionalist Catholic blogs that is still in operation (Rorate Caeli was founded in 2005, a year after this one).

Other duties in life took my attention away from the blog, however, allowing it to languish in obscurity until 2007, when I began working on the blog in earnest, this time with co-blogger and college companion Anselm, who was also dedicated to the restoration of Tradition and was able to help me formulate my sentiments into more concrete propositions. In 2007 I transferred the old blog to the then new blogger platform, taking with it a few of the old posts but deleting most of them. The very oldest posts on the USC blog are dated 2007 but actually go back to 2004 from the old platform.

From 2007 to 2012, the blog Unam Sanctam Catholicam was viewed half a million times and has won a lot of attention in the small corner of the blogosphere devoted to traditional Catholic subjects. Around 2011, limitations with blogger, plus my desire to make the project more expansive and versatile, led to the creation of this website, which went live on September 29, 2012, Feast of the Archangels. On this site are featured some of the original articles from the blog, plus much new material, as well as articles from various contributors writing on subjects as diverse as theology, spirituality, history, film reviews, culture, liturgy, economics and parish apostolates. While the subject matter and contributors are diverse, they all are wrapped together by one common theme: a love for the Church's Tradition and a belief that the restoration of Sacred Tradition across all of these spheres is essential for the building up of the Church in the new millennium.

Loyal Sons of the Church

Tradition is bound up with what it means to be a Catholic; in fact, to be a Catholic in the fullest sense of the word necessitates an immersion in tradition, for it is through tradition (that which is handed on) that we come to understand the Scriptures and the teachings handed on from apostolic times. As Vatican II’s Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei Verbum, states:

“[W]hat was handed on by the Apostles includes everything which contributes toward the holiness of life and increase in faith of the peoples of God; and so the Church, in her teaching, life and worship, perpetuates and hands on to all generations all that she herself is, all that she believes” (DV, 8).

To be Catholic is to drink deeply and reverently from the wells of tradition. To be immersed in tradition is the essence of what deep, faithful Catholicism is all about.

We therefore reject the popular stereotype that those who cherish the Church’s traditions ought to be suspected of disloyalty to the Magisterium. We affirm all of the teachings of the Church, accept the authority of the Second Vatican Council and its documents, and give obedience to the Holy See, rejecting the madness of the Sedevacantists, as well the good intentioned but misguided zeal of the SSPX, for whose full reconciliation we pray for daily.

While accepting Vatican II, we also deplore abuses and mentalities that have regretfully taken hold in the wake of the Council. We believe that the surest way to restore Catholic faith and the discipline of the Church is a swift return to the tradition that nourished all of our greatest saints and an interpretation of the Second Vatican Council in continuity with the Church's Tradition. This website is dedicated to the study and veneration of that Tradition. We believe that the Catholic faith itself is evangelical in nature; if it is simply proclaimed in its natural beauty, it will attract by its very nature. Our goal here is to shine forth the resplendent beauty of the Faith in hopes that we may, in some way, facilitate a reconnection between the contemporary Church and her historic roots.

This site is the product of many contributors, both writers and artists. If you are interested in contributing to this site by submitting an essay, film or book review, artwork or idea for a regular series, please contact me through the site contact form. Inquiries are always welcome.