Free RCIA Notes and Outlines

When I was an RCIA director, I used to get solicited all the time by companies selling expensive RCIA curricula, sometimes in the hundreds of dollars. These curricula were usually useless, full of wimpy theology and dissenting on moral issues. I therefore took it upon myself to create a brand new RCIA curriculum from scratch, free of all that progressive garbage and rooted in the teaching of the Catechism, the Scriptures and the Saints and Fathers. This curriculum took me two years to put together and countless hours of labor. I offer them to you free of charge for the benefit of your parish and for the sake of those who come to you seeking the word of truth.

That being said, please consider consider making a donation for the use of these files. You are welcome to them for free, but also remember my labors and perhaps consider sending a little something my way for the trouble. $3.00 per course is recommended, but anything received is counted as pure grace. May God richly bless you.

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Click any of the class titles below to view the RCIA lesson plans. They will open up as PDF's that you can view, print, or download as you wish. You can print and download them directly from this site. Please consider a donation, or at least a prayer. This website is funded solely by donations from people like you.


1. What is Truth?

2. Divinity of Christ and Proofs for the Resurrection


3. Divine Revelation

(Class 3 Recommended Addendum)

4. The Holy Trinity

5. Creation, Angels, Devils and the Fall

6. Incarnation & Crucifixion of Our Lord

7. The Church

8. Blessed Virgin Mary

9. Purgatory

10. Last Things

Sacraments I

11. Sacraments & Liturgy

12. Baptism & Confirmation

13. Eucharist

14. Sin and Confession

15. Anointing of the Sick


16. Freedom and Happiness

17. The Moral Virtues

(Class 17 Recommended Addendum)

18. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Commandments

19. 4th Commandment

20. 5th Commandment

21. 6th & 9th Commandments

22. 7th & 10th Commandments

23. 8th Commandment and Precepts of the Church


24. Church History 33-1054

25. Church History 1054-2013

             (Class 25 Recommended Addendum on Teaching the Second Vatican Council)

26. Papacy and Hierarchy

27. Saints and the Communion of Saints

28. The Mass

Sacraments II

29. Holy Matrimony

30. Holy Orders


31. Introduction to Prayer

32. The Lord's Prayer