Introducing RCIA Power Points!

When this website was launched in 2012, one of the major motivations behind its establishment was to set up a place to host the 32 RCIA lesson plans I created when I was a Director of Religious Education so that they might be made freely available to anyone who wished to utilize them. Since then, our free RCIA lesson plans have been viewed 8,000 times; in fact, our RCIA page is the single most-viewed page on this entire website by far. Since we do not sell these lesson plans but offer them for free, I have no idea how many times they have been downloaded, but I suspect it is several thousand. Many people, priests and laypersons alike, have stepped forward and generously offered donations in exchange for these resources. These donations, never amounting to too much, have nevertheless been able to pay the cost of maintaining this site, for which we are truly grateful to the Lord.

Always seeking ways to aid in the spread of Catholic Tradition and make better resources available to a broader audience, we are happy to announce that all of our popular RCIA lessons are now available in Power Point format. This makes them ideal for presentations in larger groups, for webinar-style meetings, or just for anybody who wants to introduce something into their lecture beyond mere words. One idea is to have the presenter use the PPT while the auditors are each handed copies of our notes and outlines.


The above link directs you to the page where both our PDF lesson plans and our Power Points are available. Our regular lesson plans say "PDF" afterward, while the PPT files say "Power Point" so you know which is which. The PDF files will open a preview when you click on them, but when you click on the PPT file it will take you straight to a download prompt.

As if the case with our RCIA lesson plans, these Power Points are being offered freely, with absolutely no obligation. The purpose of this is twofold: first, as an apostolate of charity in the interest of furthering the Catholic faith, but second, to undercut a lot of the really crappy, heterodox RCIA curricula out there which are offered at exorbitant prices to unwitting parishes and DREs - and which usually contain less than 10% of the great content we offer freely in ours. With abundant citations from the saints, fathers, the Catechism, Aquinas, the Scripture and the Councils - all the Councils - our RCIA lesson plans provide an intellectually stimulating introduction to the faith that grounded in Catholic Tradition.

While we are making them available for free, we do of course humbly asking for donations. Our recommended donation for a RCIA PDF has always been $3.00; our recommended donation for an RCIA PPT file is $5.00 per lesson. But, as always, this amount represents a true donation; there is no obligation, moral or otherwise. Our sole interest is in the furthering of the restoration of the Catholic Faith by the spread of Catholic Truth. If you cannot give $5.00, give whatever you want; if you can't give anything, take them for free and say a prayer for my soul.

If, however, we are, by God's grace, able to raise a significant amount of money through the distribution of these Power Points and lesson plans, my next project would be to use that money to find somebody to translate the lesson plans into Spanish. If that venture is successful, I would then look at Arabic and other languages. If sound catechesis is so desperately needed in English speaking countries - which are among the most literate in the world - I can only imagine how much more dire the need in other regions.


Please continue to pray for this website and for my poor soul. Consider helping us by donating, linking to our articles, sharing our posts on your Facebook page, or contributing articles to this site yourself. 

Special thanks go to Ty from the website Catholic Presentations, who took unto himself the laborious task of converting my lesson plans to Power Points and graciously making them available. Our RCIA Power Points are also available on his website as well.