The Lost Legacy of John XXIII

Mainstream historiography, whether Catholic or secular, has been favorable to Pope John XXIII. Though it has been over half ...
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Crusaders and Conversion

In the secular histories of modernity, it has become common to proclaim a moral equivalency between the forcible conversions...
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Capital Punishment in the Papal States

The Papal States were a collection of territories in central Italy ruled directly by the Roman pontiff. Established by a gr...
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Cathar Apocalypticism

The medieval heretical sect of the Cathars are known for their dualism, rejection of ecclesiastical hierarchy, and strange ...
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Anti-Catholicism in the Salem Witch Trials

It is well known that in 1692 a hysteria of witch-hunting spread throughout the region of Salem, Massachusetts, leading the ...
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Milton the Catholic

No, not famous poet John Milton, but his brother, Christopher.